Kyani Reviews – Legit Company or Not?

So you’re looking for more info on Kyani and found yourself looking for Kyani Reviews? I don’t blame you, after all this company has grown massively in recent times but more and more people are wondering whether it’s really legitimate or if it’s a waste of time.

Never the less there are good resources out there and a few searches on Google can certainly help you find a review pretty easily however unfortunately many of these Kyani reviews are actually fake or perhaps I should say “biased”. In other words they are created by reps of the company and not by actual independent people.

I’ve decided to share some more details because ultimately I am exactly that. I am independent meaning I don’t really care a less about Kyani so I’m not going to be biased and give you an “amazing review” saying it’s great. On the flip side I am not a rep for any competitor companies to Kyani either so I won’t be slamming it, calling it a scam like some reviews do just to get you to sign up to their offer instead.


Kyani – The Core Details

So what are we really looking at here? The company sells health and wellness products and was founded back in 2005. So they’ve been in business now for over 10 years which is obviously a good sign. It’s always good to look at a companies history. Whilst a new company is not necessarily a bad thing a company that has been around for a longer amount of time means that it’s “stood the test of time” if that makes sense.

On the flip side it’s good to be involved in new companies because often there is more hype and excitement surrounding them. That being said on the grand scale of things Kyani is still relatively “new” being only 11 years old.

Is Kyani A Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid scheme you say? Of course not! Look all MLM can be seen as a pyramid scheme however if you think that then you are an uneducated fool. No I’m being a little harsh here, you’re not however it is a little naive and ignorant to call something a pyramid scheme when you don’t have all the facts.

A pyramid scheme is essentially a multi-level marketing opportunity that has no product. Money is essentially exchanged in order to move up a level and there are no real products that help the customer. The customers are the reps and people are paid money to recruit more reps.

With Kyani it’s a multi-level marketing company, it is NOT a pyramid scheme. Multi-level marketing does not equal pyramid because with Kyani and many other legitimate companies you have real products that are sold to consumers.

Reps can sign up, however people who want to use the Kyani products can simply buy them via a rep. They don’t have to become a rep or anything like that.

Can Kyani Really Help You Earn Money?

Yes, sure it can.

I’ve been looking at the compensation plan and whilst it’s not the best out there it’s definitely good enough to make you some money. As always though these companies are not a magic bullet and you can’t just sign up and get rich overnight.

The truth is like with anything if you want to be successful you need to put in the hard work and actually sell products and grow your team. The best way to make money with Kyani is to grow a team of reps. This means that you recruit other reps who will sell the products to customers. When you do this you earn sales commission on your teams sales too. Meaning the more people you recruit who start selling the products, the more commissions you will earn.

This is the best way to earn because you are very limited selling products. For sure you should do that, but ultimately there are only so many hours in the day, and only so many people you can serve physically.

Conclusion – It’s A Good Company

Whilst I’m not actively involved I certainly think Kyani is a good company.

You can do your own research and make up your mind. There are many good places to find reviews, just start in Google but always make sure that you are looking at multiple reviews and not just believing the first one you see. That’s unless it’s my review of course!

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